100% Otero

100% OTERO

100% Otero County
Survey Report

Identifying Barriers To Vital Services, 2020

Our Goals

  • Ensure ten vital services for surviving and thriving exist and address gaps
  • Strengthen the data-driven process of identifying and solving problems to achieve measurable results: increased service and increased user-friendliness of services
  • Strengthen community process to support state and local efforts to be efficient and effective as needs grow exponentially
  • Support direct service providers with technical assistance in order to improve services and support innovation and problem-solving

Our Mission

The 100% New Mexico initiative is working to ensure that all our families and community members have access to ten vital services, committed to strengthening their health, safety and resilience. Our action teams work with local leaders and service providers to strengthen the services we all need to be healthy and safe. The five “surviving” services are medical care, housing security programs, food security programs, behavioral health care and transportation to services. Five services for “thriving” include: parent supports, early childhood learning/child care, fully-resourced community-focused schools, youth mentors and job training.

For those interested in supporting a data-driven, collaborative and technology-empowered initiative, please contact us at the Anna, Age Eight Institute.

100% Otero

New Mexico State University

College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Science

Anna Age Eight Institute

About Us

Perry Consulting, with 25 years experience, offers educational consulting to schools, school districts, private schools, and businesses. Learn more about the owner/operator, Michelle Perry by clicking HERE.

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