Into the Wilderness

Today as I was hiking the Pine Tree Loop trail at Aguirre Springs (built for mountain goats) I lost the trail at the top. I began to think about the panic and struggle when people lose their way and of course education during the pandemic came immediately to mind. Here’s what I learned today. StayContinue reading “Into the Wilderness”

1997 Educational Technology in its infancy!

Dear Friends, I am sharing an article from 1997 from Education Week. Technology Counts, School Reform in the Information Age.  I am asking that you take a glance and see where your state reported in relation to how tech ready the education system was.  You’ll likely agree that we have come so far so fast,Continue reading “1997 Educational Technology in its infancy!”

What is SAMR?

What is SAMR? Click the link above to learn about what SAMR is. Duckworth, S. (2015, April 02). New #sketchnote: The SAMR Model Thx @edappadvice for the great idea! #gafesummit @dougpete @mraspinall #edtech Retrieved October 04, 2020, from Oxnevad, S., Susan Oxnevad Oxnevad is an educator, Educator, S., & Here, P. (2013, AugustContinue reading “What is SAMR?”


CHOMP I have recently read Blended Learning in Action, A Practical Guide toward sustainable change. This in an incredible book, and I highly recommend it for the modern virtual teacher. While the Pandemic of 2020 was never anticipated, the move to blended or virtual instruction has been on the horizon for years. Now, mostly due toContinue reading “A DIFFERENT APPROACH TO PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT YOU CAN REALLY BITE INTO!”

DIGITAL DIVIDE and social justice IN NM

The term “Digital Divide” was first coined in the mid-nineties, and generally refers to a gap between the haves and have-nots regarding binary internet access, which is now known as first-level digital divide. The digital divide is actually more complex. The varying levels of internet skills and use is called second-level digital divide, and theContinue reading “DIGITAL DIVIDE and social justice IN NM”