Between Teacher and Child

A late afternoon snack; Episode 3. This is a poem that speaks about the power of a relationship between a teacher and a child, written by Dr. Hiam Ginott. I’m sharing this solid piece of advice: a teacher must wield their power carefully. I have come to the frightening conclusion that I am the decisiveContinue reading “Between Teacher and Child”

The RTI Analogy

The Doctor will see you now. Episode 2 – Teachers’ Snacks Series. In case you don’t know, I’m offering up our hungry New Mexico teachers some nutritious brain food in the form of small bite-sized PD. See yesterday’s morsels on Positive Behavior Supports. Let’s dive into some RTI today! Response to Intervention: RTI. If aContinue reading “The RTI Analogy”

Teacher Snacks

I’m starting a new blog series called, Teacher Snacks. Why? Teachers are often on the hunt for bite-sized applicable information they can apply to their learning setting immediately. Kids need snacks, and teachers need snacks too. I LOVE snacks – and really all food… Teacher Snacks will offer short and concise information about topics andContinue reading “Teacher Snacks”


CHOMP I have recently read Blended Learning in Action, A Practical Guide toward sustainable change. This in an incredible book, and I highly recommend it for the modern virtual teacher. While the Pandemic of 2020 was never anticipated, the move to blended or virtual instruction has been on the horizon for years. Now, mostly due toContinue reading “A DIFFERENT APPROACH TO PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT YOU CAN REALLY BITE INTO!”