Teacher Optimism

student in class

A teacher’s attitude and behavior can have a very positive impact on the students as well as the teachers themselves. According to Nancy Barile’s article, “The Truth About the Effect of Teacher Optimism on Student Performance” there seems to be a connection between a teacher’s optimism and their student’s academic success. Students who had very optimistic and positive teachers all throughout the year achieved better academic performances than those students who did not optimistic teachers.

Research has shown with help from an optimistic faculty and staff a low-income high school can still have students with good grades, above average scores on placement tests, and admissions to proficient colleges. Academic emphasis is at the center of this idea. Academic emphasis is when teachers trust and believe they can make a positive impact on their student’s learning. Additionally, with the collective trust and support from the administration, parents, and the students performance will improve and their students will succeed. Teachers need to set high, yet achievable, goals for their students to motivate and encourage hard work. This in turn will make students respect academic success and feel proud of their hard work instead of being mocked by their peers for trying hard in school. When teachers are optimistic that they can improve their student’s academic performance and successful learning, then students will gravitate towards that optimism and make hard work more desirable.

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