The SAMR Model

Using the newest or most expensive technology won’t translate to the most efficient integration. Good integration is about understanding what options you have and how you can correctly implement them into the class. The SAMR Model explains how educators can enhance and transform online learning for their students.

What is SAMR?

What is SAMR? Click the link above to learn about what SAMR is. Duckworth, S. (2015, April 02). New #sketchnote: The SAMR Model Thx @edappadvice for the great idea! #gafesummit @dougpete @mraspinall #edtech Retrieved October 04, 2020, from Oxnevad, S., Susan Oxnevad Oxnevad is an educator, Educator, S., & Here, P. (2013, AugustContinue reading “What is SAMR?”