Community Action Calls! Learn While Doing

BE the Change!

I’m actively involved with an organized effort to bring vital services to families and their children. In the county where I live in Southern NM, there is an extraordinary rate of poverty. Poverty is the result of multiple effects, and is often a companion to many needs such as food, transportation, health care, and quality education.

What can be done to help families in need? What can you do? What can any of us do? Start by visiting this website: Here you will find information about a state-wide effort to identify gaps in services that are necessary for thriving, such as parent supports and job training, and the services that are necessary for survival, such as medical & behavioral health care and housing. The building blocks toward this effort is from a book called, 100% Community by Dr. Katherine Otero Courtney and Dominic Cappello. Also, read the authors’ first book, Anna, Age Eight, an account of Anna, a young girl whose tragic story began the journey for this initiative.

Dr. Otero Courtney and Mr. Cappello have continued their efforts for multiple years to bring sustainable change to NM through a framework that helps NM counties develop and implement their own action plan toward a healthier and trauma-free community. Part of that framework requires leaders to address challenges and roadblocks that often come in the form of a “three-headed hydra.” You’ll have to also read their most recent book Attack of the Three Headed Hydra. This is a relevant and timely account of efforts necessary to solve our most difficult insecurity issues among our most marginalized citizens, especially in these precarious pandemic times.

It only takes one visit, one click of the mouse, and you too can get involved. There is a solution, and you are part of it.

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