AI in Chinese Classrooms; Would this ever fly in the US?!

I just watched a shocking video from the Wall Street Journal about some government-funded research that is being conducted in Chinese classrooms around the use of AI for student performance. Take a look:! Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. Would this ever fly in the US?!

2 thoughts on “AI in Chinese Classrooms; Would this ever fly in the US?!

  1. I only have one child, which by no means makes me an expert on what should be allowed in the classroom. I do believe AI can benefit our worlds future in education. However, this version of monitoring a childs cognitive attention level brings on yet another category of stress. Possibly something that can be used at home or an aide in cases with ADD, rather than children being graded on attention level as well.

  2. This video was extremely interesting. No more daydreaming, you youngsters! (No more being children?) There always seems to be a trade-off between educational efficiency and freedom to be a child (rather than a small adult). While there may be some good application here, I feel this data is far too prone to misuse. And developmentally appropriate? Quite possibly not.

    Thanks for sharing!

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