Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha is a presentation delivered using 20 slides, with high-quality images, which are shown for only 20 seconds each. The presenter speaks as the slides run automatically. It is an excellent way to deliver an engaging speech. I am hosting my Pecha Kucha right here in preparation for my presentation (along with my colleagueContinue reading “Pecha Kucha”

1997 Educational Technology in its infancy!

Dear Friends, I am sharing an article from 1997 from Education Week. Technology Counts, School Reform in the Information Age.  I am asking that you take a glance and see where your state reported in relation to how tech ready the education system was.  You’ll likely agree that we have come so far so fast,Continue reading “1997 Educational Technology in its infancy!”

What is SAMR?

What is SAMR? Click the link above to learn about what SAMR is. Duckworth, S. (2015, April 02). New #sketchnote: The SAMR Model Thx @edappadvice for the great idea! #gafesummit @dougpete @mraspinall #edtech Retrieved October 04, 2020, from Oxnevad, S., Susan Oxnevad Oxnevad is an educator, Educator, S., & Here, P. (2013, AugustContinue reading “What is SAMR?”